How often should I wash?

We suggest 2-3 times a month (black or white cars more often)

Do you close if it rains?


Are you open year round?

Definitely, we wash cars down to 0 degrees and colder.

My car has a new clearcoat paint finish, is it safe to wash with you?

Definitely, In fact, we wash new cars with all of the local dealers. Your car may have already been washed here.

Can you wash convertibles?

Yes, no problem at all, we wash many per day.

Can I put wax on my convertible top, or “Rag Top”?

Yes. In fact, we recommend our “Triple Coat” for convertibles, it helps condition and maintain the cloth & vinyl.

Does your wax streak windows?

No, modern carwash waxes are streak free. Windshield wiper blades, need to be changed every 6 months, the sun, weather & airborne pollutants cause windshields to streak.

Will my front license plate bend going through the carwash? 

We take great care in washing your car, but if your front license plate isn’t mounted properly it could loosen up(or bend) when our soft cloth touches it. Please understand that New Jersey is one of the few states that requires a front license plate and as a result mounting brackets are an afterthought for most car manufacturers.